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Just a normal Friday night at the Stone house.

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John and I are hosting a couple of French couch surfers for the weekend.
Tonight is night two.
Jeremie and Leo.

Last night they arrived as I was getting home from paying the $30 application fee for an apartment we want to rent on Ellwood (tiny&cheap!). We spent the night talking about traveling and Richmond, eating vegetarian tacos, drinking beer and wine. while sitting on the porch as various friends showed up.

Today I had to work all day while John gave them a brief tour of the city, and worked on his motorcycle with Jeremie. They picked me up from work and we came home and made catfish, cornbread, black eyed peas and boiled potatoes.

Right now John is giving Leo a Ganesh tattoo on her lower back. And only 30 minutes ago John received a tattoo from Jeremie (giving a tattoo for the first time!) of an icon he saw at the VMFA with them today.

Tonight is a night of unique American road trip souvenirs.
and memories.

Editing a bunch of submissions for Quail Bell tonight. Getting sleepy.
Still need to proof the 'zine for the fest in October.

Had a long, long week of Nursefinders. Need to keep applying for jobs...

Tomorrow morning is Books a Million. Afternoon is more Quail Bell.
And then hopefully all night will be finishing VD: The Awakening book, and possibly indulging in season 2!

Can't wait for the getaway next weekend in Newport News for Michelle's wedding.
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