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call me mr. fahrenheit

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Wow, Google, you really outdid yourself today.

the past few days have been great.
and now it's time to get back to reality.

"we met, we had a conversation, and now it's time to get back to reality.."

--don't know if the above are the exact lines, but i've been getting in to watching vampire diaries. i read the books and everyone made fun of me and now theresa has the show on dvd. can't wait to finish the first season because she just got the second. i realize it's not great cinema, but just like most young, american girls in 2011, i love to think about having a romance with the tragically undead. especially in high school situations.

began a part time job on weekends. i know i'm working a lot, but with my day/office job i have evenings off, and with weekends off, too, it just seemed like a lot of time to be lethargic.

saturday and sunday were my first days at books a million in westchester commons. i love it there and i wish they had a full time position and didn't just pay minimum wage. i love helping people find books, i love discussing books, and most of all i love the excitement of people who find a book they've been looking for.. the anticipation to just get home and get started.

i've just mostly been doing quizzes on a computer, though. turned my back for a minute to help someone and a long-time BAM employee and coworker just clicked through the rest for the day. i got to wander the shelves, straightening and balancing out the differnce between outfacing and spine-facing books. i may just be a nerd, but it was the most fun i've had at a job in a long time.

i get to check whatever books i want out for free, too. this morning i finished reading the first book of Higurashi. mentioned to another coworker that i had interest in manga, and hadn't read any in like 8 years, so for an hour i got the run down on the latest hits, the fall of tokyo pop and several suggestions of how to get back into it. out of all that she scampered around collecting for my review, Higurashi seems right up my aisle -- it's like Love Hina in which a young male is living/surrounded by a bunch of hot, oblivious young females, but the difference with this one is instead of his constant "accidentally" walking to the bathroom to find them naked, etc. he figures out a dark secret about their town and you get the vibe that all the girls have a hand in the annual village murders.


before my shifts at BAM, john and i had a yard sale both mornings and made around $60. this is impressive because we were also selling the wares of the quail bell women ($10), shawn jones ($10) and clarke ($50). and still made the $60 to ourselves!

operation get-rid-of-stuff-and-move-to-a-smaller-apt-to-save-$$$-to-move-somewhere-cool was a partial success!

after the yard sale on saturday we went to one of the last days of the randolph pool (rip for the season) and then i headed off. when i got home from work john had cooked us some amazing steaks. and i fell asleep watching vampire diaries. it was a glorious day.

yesterday i came in for bryan at nursefinders to work on emails, etc.
because it was labor day i heard i will be getting time and a half, which will be sick!
i got home by 6:30 to find john doing yard work and i had some cheese ravioli cooked by the time he was finished.
we both fell asleep watching "the third man."
we were going to go to rockett's landing for the labor day fireworks but they were canceled due to "inclimate weather."
but it was still another glorious day.

i've been up since 6:30ish. had a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of yogurt.
finished Higurashi. can't wait to get the next one on my shift saturday.
going to go on the porch and read the paper and drink coffee til 9:30.
head to nursefinders, work til 7.
get to the library or a quail belll meeting at 7:30 to work on the website and discuss content.
and then home sweet home.
john won't be here because he has another overnight shift at the rescue squad, so i'll get to watch all the VD i want! :D which may not be much since i will have had a busy day...

this weekend is the rva music fest! bought my ticket for sunday to see girl talk and best coast in the bottom! cannot wait!!!!

i love my life.

i need to write my pen pals back something fierce..
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