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waking up really early makes me feel motivated and awake.
but i hate doing it.
been up since six, writing, finishing things for class.

i'm actually off tonight, and its probably my first tuesday off in a million years (besides situations in which we've been closed).
good time to edit papers, write stories, get things done.
also off tomorrow night. man alive.
but then i'm working the rest of the week, including sunday, through to next tuesday or wednesday.
soon i'll be an old grey mare.

i think i'm on my third (or fourth) cup of coffee.

can't believe i'll be done at noon today.
want to:
come home
make lunch
watch dr. horrible's again
edit mythology paper
do espanol homework/work on presentation
read more of mcteague
make dinner
perhaps that will be all the time i have?
so many movies in my netflix instant queue begging to be watched...
will i be able to fight the temptation??

tried making a new friend at school.
proved to be a drama-riddled situation, providing unneeded anxiety and stress.
stickin' to what, and who, i know, and not worryin' bout nobody else.

and in the words of famous weasel, dishwasher extraordinaire, you know that i know that you know that i know that you got style.

here's my favorite paragraph of a little short i wrote this morning for an exercise for my fiction class-
it's about a girl anxious about a potato sack race during field day after her nemesis asks her if she remembers how she fell the year before.

"Sara did. That memory was what kept her on edge this whole time, her heart beating harder as the gym teacher approached their line with that dreadful whistle in tow. Its sound would cause the mayhem that is this field day event, everyone wildly twisting their bodies like mosquito larvae in standing water, toward the line of cones that signified the end. She had had several flashbacks."
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