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i cannnot believe how late i slept in today.


i feel like my whole day has been robbed from me.

so many plans, a long to-do list, and there i was... physically getting up and out of bed to hit the snooze button on my alarm clock across the room... walking back and dozing back off. did this for hours. didn't fully wake until john called me to tell me that someone who wanted to buy our wii fit from craiglist was going to call and show up shortly.

i'm so lazy!

things i want(ed) to do today:

-write pen pals (of utmost importance -- first thing i will do after post)
-eat velveeta mac n cheese (also of grave importance) and read the paper on the front porch
-write stories for quail bell (review/analysis of "don't be afraid of the dark" & "attack the block;" 2 photo tales; chupacabra nonfiction; pump house tour with ralph white -- just to name a few)
-accept/reject QB submissions, edit and then post
-visit AJ at his store in carytown -- Leenalu. Supposed to go with a QB lady who is planning our fashion show in October. AJ has volunteered their clothes and his modeling services for part of the show ... I haven't heard from her today so I do not know if this is going to happen..
-head over to BAM at 5. working to close. returning higurashi book 1... do i want to go for book 2.. or check out a novel? in a huge room of books i can take home at my fancy -- WWJD??

yesterday and the day before were exceptional again. i've just been having streaks of good days. i hope this doesn't mean something bad is going to happen.

thursday -- worked 8 to 5. my coworker switched for the late shift and i was grateful. left at 5, got home and edited QB website, baked catfish, made potato latkes and lima beans and had din ready for john's arrival from work. ate dinner and then went to can can brasserie in carytown for dessert and coffee. had the best phyllo tart ever, with fresh berries, chocolate cake stuffing and a port icecream on the side. then headed over to bowtie cinemas and saw attack the block in its last night showing.

had anyone ever heard of this movie? i know i hadn't. and no one i have spoken to has heard of it.
and it was amazing.
its about a group of young inner city youth in London who have a lot of pride in their "block," which you learn is slang for their apartment building. and then aliens attack! it was brilliant.
the soundtrack is amazing (mostly basement jaxx), the aliens are great.. it was really on point and i want to know how this movie remained under the radar.

yesterday i workd 9 to 6 and spent most of the day creating a powerpoint and letter for sir richard branson of virgin records/airlines/mobile. he was at the vmfa last night for a richmond unite event to raise money for youth charities in the city. rich people, including my boss, paid $5,000 to have a private dinner with the man, and yours truly created a pitch to convince branson to bring virgin airlines to RIC. whether or not bryan (my boss) actually got the papers into his hand is up in the air. and whether or not this charmingly british, fun loving billionaire will actually read the papers is also hard to say. but working on that was definitely fun. imagining him holding 9 hours of my work in his hands is pretty neat..

after work i got home and cooked dinner with john (vegetable curry over rice). we then lazed about, watching vampire diaries until i fell asleep. becoming a normal occurence i think.

going to go get my to-do list partially done. maybe i can do some more writing after i get off tonight..
tomorrow will be possible scouting at a casting call at the gay community center for the QB fashion show and then the rva music fest in the bottom!


hideous painting hanging in the women's bathroom in the macy's downtown


several happy hour specials later, we were in need of some skyline chili!

complete with spaghetti and oyster crackers

the ohio river

looking back to cincinnatti from the foot bridge walking to kentucky

walking toward kentucky for a music fest that was going on that weekend. look at the murals along the flood wall

there were mixed reviews about john's shorts while were there, mostly in the kentucky side. women hollered "woo hoo!," men hollered "faggot!"

the bridge reminded me of the london bridge




the wedding we went to was actually in ludlow, ky, and is where we spent most of our time. kentucky is actually a lot cooler than you would think, with a german-type main strauss with cool bars and friendly people and festivals, and the covington area and the neighborhoods near the river were great. trolley and bus system for cheap. john's friend bill (the groom in the wedding and of whom's house we stayed) lived next door to a gigantic community pool.
we really had it made while we were there!
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