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i think it's gonna be a long long time

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well hello there.
haven't posted in a million years.
and it feels like it!

so much has happened. (i wonder how many posts i've started off with that)
but this is for real.

graduated vcu.
two degrees.
print journalism,
minor in writing.

just became managing editor for a little online lit mag.
going through some website changes, but will be back to normal (and newness!) on sept. 1.

i had waited tables for 8 YEARS OF MY LIFE.
and it is over.
i just honestly needed a change.
not because i was getting a better job.
or making more money.

now i am an assistant for a ceo (of nursefinders company).
i check a wealthy man's inbox.
and set his appointments.
working during the DAY.
with (sort of) set hours.
getting paid hourly. (which really isn't as cool as i thought it would be)

i will miss everyone at the pub. i will miss waiting tables, maybe, one day.
but right now i am just adjusting to this day life sort of deal.

been waking up early to drink coffee and eat breakfast on the porch.

there are down sides.. like having to drive to work, when i had been so used to biking every day.
i need to hit up the gym since all i do now is sit.

ideally i want a job where i can write, edit and design.
things i enjoy.
for a lot of money.
but for right now,
i'll just write.

john and i have been making goals.
or just one main goal, really.
we want to move to maui.
in a year.

soon he will be a certified paramedic and will be bringin in the dough.
on maui craigslist there are studios and rooms in houses for rent for what we pay here for a two bedroom house.
but there when you open the door you are on the beach.

going to try and save up and pack up.
and i'll ride my bike around a pacific island all day.

we just watched silent hill that i purchased on ebay.
he made the best dinner tonight before i got off of work.
wheat pasta with fresh, spicy tomato/onion sauce w/ mussels.
this weekend we are driving to cincinnati for a wedding.
this past weekend i went to michelle's wedding shower in newport news.
can't wait to get away from rva again for a couple of days!

i love you, river city. but sometimes you just gotta get away.

in order to save $ we'll probably move to the fan in october.
that means we need to be getting ready.

but in the vein of dreaming big, i think i'm going to hit the sack.

wonder if anyone reads this any more.

corie- did you see the new template that has a rotten apple on it?? <3
jamie- i miss you.
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(Deleted comment)
On September 6th, 2011 12:41 pm (UTC), frotteur replied:
i love you!
my sweet.
i hadn't noticed you commented until i just put up my new post.. i kept looking at yours hoping you were in there somewhere.
would you be interested in being pen pals? i'm trying to bring back the written letter.. so far i only have mom and allison.. but i'm trying to get more.
i put my addy on a penpal website and it freaked john out because i get weird letters from older men in mental institutes and from brazil, etc. so i think i may stop with that.
but if you wanted to write, i think i already have your addy. maybe i'll send a test one out this week! :)

weebly is the site i've been using a lot recently, and i'm not sure how much it costs, but it sooo easy to use. i guess it could be more fun at times to utilize html, but this format is truly just drag and drop of items and you have a page done. its cray cray.

hope to hear from you soon <3
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