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woke up early and had all of my homework finished <i>before</i> i went to my classes.

found this on the bike ride home:

wish i could've captured the look on people's faces as i biked the rest of the way home with a dead bird hanging out of my hand.

added it to the collection in the freezer:

theresa came and cleaned the house while i was in school. hope to make this a regular thing while she's unemployed. best for both.
eatin a bowl of chickarina soup because my stomach hurts from the massive amounts of coffee and red bull i've consumed today.
then we're heading over to world of mirth and hopefully to bev's for a cone (two "errands" i wanted to run after dracula but it was over too late!).

i'll do spanish homework. finish reading the awakening (which is awesome). and then john should be home around 5.
dinner at rustica.
1st night off with my boo in a long time it feels like.
gonna make the best of it!

these weeks have really been flying by.

oh check out this sign theresa gave me to stake in my front yard. it's small, but it says "god bless america."
check out my sweet  gardening skills.
ignore my lack of bush-pruning skills.
check out my sweet whip.
oh i love our home.

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