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today has been the best!

woke up to my first ever good hair day.
and i had taken a shower before i went to bed. usually that means i'll be having a worse than normal hair day. whhaaat.
read some of booker t. washington's "up from slavery" and it was awesome.
biked to school in the beautiful weather listening to girl talk. no wind on the bridge this morning.
classes were mediocre.
weather is magnificent.
talked outside of the library with jade for a while and in those 15 minutes could feel a burn coming on. my shoulders are pink now!
biked home against fierce wind. it must've been at my back in the morning. got hot and sweaty but was happy.
did spanish homework on the porch, drinking an iced coffee while john made an awesome teriyaki vegetable lunch with salmon, and with peaches for dessert.
and now i'm going to try to finish my fiction homework (to re-write a famous author's beginning in our own style--i'm doing jack london's short story "the one thousand dozen") and my re-write for my mythology proposal.
then all i'll have to do in preparation for classes tomorrow is read more of the mabinogion.

yesterday was awesome, too. got up and did A LOT of gardening. my vegetable garden is tilled, fertilized and planted! also planted some more herbs around my rosemary, put down some wildflower seed in the front of the house. all while theresa cleaned my house for money. it was really bad.. and now i won't be ashamed to have guests over! we're just both so busy that dishes and dirty clothes and nola's poo pile up pretty fast. so the yard is done (john also mowed the lawn!) and the house is done. and i love being home again now.
after we worked hard yesterday we went and shot some hoops at holly st. park and then went out to eat at italian delight. perfect day. like today.

except in an hour i have to leave for work. and be there until about 2:30-3 a.m.
not looking forward, but i'm going to make the best of it.

i love getting to wear dresses again finally.
my nails are painted yellow.
and my hands are calloused from digging in the earth and shootin' those free throws. you know how we do.
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