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John and I are hosting a couple of French couch surfers for the weekend.
Tonight is night two.
Jeremie and Leo.

Last night they arrived as I was getting home from paying the $30 application fee for an apartment we want to rent on Ellwood (tiny&cheap!). We spent the night talking about traveling and Richmond, eating vegetarian tacos, drinking beer and wine. while sitting on the porch as various friends showed up.

Today I had to work all day while John gave them a brief tour of the city, and worked on his motorcycle with Jeremie. They picked me up from work and we came home and made catfish, cornbread, black eyed peas and boiled potatoes.

Right now John is giving Leo a Ganesh tattoo on her lower back. And only 30 minutes ago John received a tattoo from Jeremie (giving a tattoo for the first time!) of an icon he saw at the VMFA with them today.

Tonight is a night of unique American road trip souvenirs.
and memories.

Editing a bunch of submissions for Quail Bell tonight. Getting sleepy.
Still need to proof the 'zine for the fest in October.

Had a long, long week of Nursefinders. Need to keep applying for jobs...

Tomorrow morning is Books a Million. Afternoon is more Quail Bell.
And then hopefully all night will be finishing VD: The Awakening book, and possibly indulging in season 2!

Can't wait for the getaway next weekend in Newport News for Michelle's wedding.
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i cannnot believe how late i slept in today.


i feel like my whole day has been robbed from me.

so many plans, a long to-do list, and there i was... physically getting up and out of bed to hit the snooze button on my alarm clock across the room... walking back and dozing back off. did this for hours. didn't fully wake until john called me to tell me that someone who wanted to buy our wii fit from craiglist was going to call and show up shortly.

i'm so lazy!

things i want(ed) to do today:

-write pen pals (of utmost importance -- first thing i will do after post)
-eat velveeta mac n cheese (also of grave importance) and read the paper on the front porch
-write stories for quail bell (review/analysis of "don't be afraid of the dark" & "attack the block;" 2 photo tales; chupacabra nonfiction; pump house tour with ralph white -- just to name a few)
-accept/reject QB submissions, edit and then post
-visit AJ at his store in carytown -- Leenalu. Supposed to go with a QB lady who is planning our fashion show in October. AJ has volunteered their clothes and his modeling services for part of the show ... I haven't heard from her today so I do not know if this is going to happen..
-head over to BAM at 5. working to close. returning higurashi book 1... do i want to go for book 2.. or check out a novel? in a huge room of books i can take home at my fancy -- WWJD??

yesterday and the day before were exceptional again. i've just been having streaks of good days. i hope this doesn't mean something bad is going to happen.

thursday -- worked 8 to 5. my coworker switched for the late shift and i was grateful. left at 5, got home and edited QB website, baked catfish, made potato latkes and lima beans and had din ready for john's arrival from work. ate dinner and then went to can can brasserie in carytown for dessert and coffee. had the best phyllo tart ever, with fresh berries, chocolate cake stuffing and a port icecream on the side. then headed over to bowtie cinemas and saw attack the block in its last night showing.

had anyone ever heard of this movie? i know i hadn't. and no one i have spoken to has heard of it.
and it was amazing.
its about a group of young inner city youth in London who have a lot of pride in their "block," which you learn is slang for their apartment building. and then aliens attack! it was brilliant.
the soundtrack is amazing (mostly basement jaxx), the aliens are great.. it was really on point and i want to know how this movie remained under the radar.

yesterday i workd 9 to 6 and spent most of the day creating a powerpoint and letter for sir richard branson of virgin records/airlines/mobile. he was at the vmfa last night for a richmond unite event to raise money for youth charities in the city. rich people, including my boss, paid $5,000 to have a private dinner with the man, and yours truly created a pitch to convince branson to bring virgin airlines to RIC. whether or not bryan (my boss) actually got the papers into his hand is up in the air. and whether or not this charmingly british, fun loving billionaire will actually read the papers is also hard to say. but working on that was definitely fun. imagining him holding 9 hours of my work in his hands is pretty neat..

after work i got home and cooked dinner with john (vegetable curry over rice). we then lazed about, watching vampire diaries until i fell asleep. becoming a normal occurence i think.

going to go get my to-do list partially done. maybe i can do some more writing after i get off tonight..
tomorrow will be possible scouting at a casting call at the gay community center for the QB fashion show and then the rva music fest in the bottom!

here are some pictures from cincinnattiCollapse )
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Wow, Google, you really outdid yourself today.

the past few days have been great.
and now it's time to get back to reality.

"we met, we had a conversation, and now it's time to get back to reality.."

--don't know if the above are the exact lines, but i've been getting in to watching vampire diaries. i read the books and everyone made fun of me and now theresa has the show on dvd. can't wait to finish the first season because she just got the second. i realize it's not great cinema, but just like most young, american girls in 2011, i love to think about having a romance with the tragically undead. especially in high school situations.

began a part time job on weekends. i know i'm working a lot, but with my day/office job i have evenings off, and with weekends off, too, it just seemed like a lot of time to be lethargic.

saturday and sunday were my first days at books a million in westchester commons. i love it there and i wish they had a full time position and didn't just pay minimum wage. i love helping people find books, i love discussing books, and most of all i love the excitement of people who find a book they've been looking for.. the anticipation to just get home and get started.

i've just mostly been doing quizzes on a computer, though. turned my back for a minute to help someone and a long-time BAM employee and coworker just clicked through the rest for the day. i got to wander the shelves, straightening and balancing out the differnce between outfacing and spine-facing books. i may just be a nerd, but it was the most fun i've had at a job in a long time.

i get to check whatever books i want out for free, too. this morning i finished reading the first book of Higurashi. mentioned to another coworker that i had interest in manga, and hadn't read any in like 8 years, so for an hour i got the run down on the latest hits, the fall of tokyo pop and several suggestions of how to get back into it. out of all that she scampered around collecting for my review, Higurashi seems right up my aisle -- it's like Love Hina in which a young male is living/surrounded by a bunch of hot, oblivious young females, but the difference with this one is instead of his constant "accidentally" walking to the bathroom to find them naked, etc. he figures out a dark secret about their town and you get the vibe that all the girls have a hand in the annual village murders.


before my shifts at BAM, john and i had a yard sale both mornings and made around $60. this is impressive because we were also selling the wares of the quail bell women ($10), shawn jones ($10) and clarke ($50). and still made the $60 to ourselves!

operation get-rid-of-stuff-and-move-to-a-smaller-apt-to-save-$$$-to-move-somewhere-cool was a partial success!

after the yard sale on saturday we went to one of the last days of the randolph pool (rip for the season) and then i headed off. when i got home from work john had cooked us some amazing steaks. and i fell asleep watching vampire diaries. it was a glorious day.

yesterday i came in for bryan at nursefinders to work on emails, etc.
because it was labor day i heard i will be getting time and a half, which will be sick!
i got home by 6:30 to find john doing yard work and i had some cheese ravioli cooked by the time he was finished.
we both fell asleep watching "the third man."
we were going to go to rockett's landing for the labor day fireworks but they were canceled due to "inclimate weather."
but it was still another glorious day.

i've been up since 6:30ish. had a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of yogurt.
finished Higurashi. can't wait to get the next one on my shift saturday.
going to go on the porch and read the paper and drink coffee til 9:30.
head to nursefinders, work til 7.
get to the library or a quail belll meeting at 7:30 to work on the website and discuss content.
and then home sweet home.
john won't be here because he has another overnight shift at the rescue squad, so i'll get to watch all the VD i want! :D which may not be much since i will have had a busy day...

this weekend is the rva music fest! bought my ticket for sunday to see girl talk and best coast in the bottom! cannot wait!!!!

i love my life.

i need to write my pen pals back something fierce..
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well hello there.
haven't posted in a million years.
and it feels like it!

so much has happened. (i wonder how many posts i've started off with that)
but this is for real.

graduated vcu.
two degrees.
print journalism,
minor in writing.

just became managing editor for a little online lit mag.
going through some website changes, but will be back to normal (and newness!) on sept. 1.

i had waited tables for 8 YEARS OF MY LIFE.
and it is over.
i just honestly needed a change.
not because i was getting a better job.
or making more money.

now i am an assistant for a ceo (of nursefinders company).
i check a wealthy man's inbox.
and set his appointments.
working during the DAY.
with (sort of) set hours.
getting paid hourly. (which really isn't as cool as i thought it would be)

i will miss everyone at the pub. i will miss waiting tables, maybe, one day.
but right now i am just adjusting to this day life sort of deal.

been waking up early to drink coffee and eat breakfast on the porch.

there are down sides.. like having to drive to work, when i had been so used to biking every day.
i need to hit up the gym since all i do now is sit.

ideally i want a job where i can write, edit and design.
things i enjoy.
for a lot of money.
but for right now,
i'll just write.

john and i have been making goals.
or just one main goal, really.
we want to move to maui.
in a year.

soon he will be a certified paramedic and will be bringin in the dough.
on maui craigslist there are studios and rooms in houses for rent for what we pay here for a two bedroom house.
but there when you open the door you are on the beach.

going to try and save up and pack up.
and i'll ride my bike around a pacific island all day.

we just watched silent hill that i purchased on ebay.
he made the best dinner tonight before i got off of work.
wheat pasta with fresh, spicy tomato/onion sauce w/ mussels.
this weekend we are driving to cincinnati for a wedding.
this past weekend i went to michelle's wedding shower in newport news.
can't wait to get away from rva again for a couple of days!

i love you, river city. but sometimes you just gotta get away.

in order to save $ we'll probably move to the fan in october.
that means we need to be getting ready.

but in the vein of dreaming big, i think i'm going to hit the sack.

wonder if anyone reads this any more.

corie- did you see the new template that has a rotten apple on it?? <3
jamie- i miss you.
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thought you took off of work tonight to hang out with me.
* * *
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i'm sure nola knows that when she lays in my arms when i'm trying to edit my paper on hesiod's theogony and social anxiety i can't get much done.


but she doesn't know what i do to her when she's seepin.



i also drew penises on her face with permanent marker.
not sure if you can tell, but my hair is blonde now.
and i mean it.
not just saying it because i am being retarded.

time to post my bibliography and edit my final paper thesis on the blackboard.
and read some chapters in marie de france.
my eyes feel like they should have rings around them.

scream 4 at midnight tomorrow night.
want to go in costume/covered in blood.
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woke up early and had all of my homework finished <i>before</i> i went to my classes.

found this on the bike ride home:

wish i could've captured the look on people's faces as i biked the rest of the way home with a dead bird hanging out of my hand.

added it to the collection in the freezer:

theresa came and cleaned the house while i was in school. hope to make this a regular thing while she's unemployed. best for both.
eatin a bowl of chickarina soup because my stomach hurts from the massive amounts of coffee and red bull i've consumed today.
then we're heading over to world of mirth and hopefully to bev's for a cone (two "errands" i wanted to run after dracula but it was over too late!).

i'll do spanish homework. finish reading the awakening (which is awesome). and then john should be home around 5.
dinner at rustica.
1st night off with my boo in a long time it feels like.
gonna make the best of it!

these weeks have really been flying by.

oh check out this sign theresa gave me to stake in my front yard. it's small, but it says "god bless america."
check out my sweet  gardening skills.
ignore my lack of bush-pruning skills.
check out my sweet whip.
oh i love our home.

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another beautiful day weather-wise.

woke up a little bit ago at 1. called mom and theresa. got dressed. in a dress. excited for this weather.

today i'm going to
finish reading mcteague finally
start the awakening
go see spanish dracula at 4 pm at the byrd as part of the james river film fest
hit up world of mirth for baby presents
get ice cream
hopefully come home and watch buffy with jade
do homework
make dinner for john & i
deliver dinner to the rescue squad where he is currently doing a 24-hr shift
meet up with brittany, hopefully get her a belated birthday drink
and then sleep!

today should be fun.

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today has been the best!

woke up to my first ever good hair day.
and i had taken a shower before i went to bed. usually that means i'll be having a worse than normal hair day. whhaaat.
read some of booker t. washington's "up from slavery" and it was awesome.
biked to school in the beautiful weather listening to girl talk. no wind on the bridge this morning.
classes were mediocre.
weather is magnificent.
talked outside of the library with jade for a while and in those 15 minutes could feel a burn coming on. my shoulders are pink now!
biked home against fierce wind. it must've been at my back in the morning. got hot and sweaty but was happy.
did spanish homework on the porch, drinking an iced coffee while john made an awesome teriyaki vegetable lunch with salmon, and with peaches for dessert.
and now i'm going to try to finish my fiction homework (to re-write a famous author's beginning in our own style--i'm doing jack london's short story "the one thousand dozen") and my re-write for my mythology proposal.
then all i'll have to do in preparation for classes tomorrow is read more of the mabinogion.

yesterday was awesome, too. got up and did A LOT of gardening. my vegetable garden is tilled, fertilized and planted! also planted some more herbs around my rosemary, put down some wildflower seed in the front of the house. all while theresa cleaned my house for money. it was really bad.. and now i won't be ashamed to have guests over! we're just both so busy that dishes and dirty clothes and nola's poo pile up pretty fast. so the yard is done (john also mowed the lawn!) and the house is done. and i love being home again now.
after we worked hard yesterday we went and shot some hoops at holly st. park and then went out to eat at italian delight. perfect day. like today.

except in an hour i have to leave for work. and be there until about 2:30-3 a.m.
not looking forward, but i'm going to make the best of it.

i love getting to wear dresses again finally.
my nails are painted yellow.
and my hands are calloused from digging in the earth and shootin' those free throws. you know how we do.
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waking up really early makes me feel motivated and awake.
but i hate doing it.
been up since six, writing, finishing things for class.

i'm actually off tonight, and its probably my first tuesday off in a million years (besides situations in which we've been closed).
good time to edit papers, write stories, get things done.
also off tomorrow night. man alive.
but then i'm working the rest of the week, including sunday, through to next tuesday or wednesday.
soon i'll be an old grey mare.

i think i'm on my third (or fourth) cup of coffee.

can't believe i'll be done at noon today.
want to:
come home
make lunch
watch dr. horrible's again
edit mythology paper
do espanol homework/work on presentation
read more of mcteague
make dinner
perhaps that will be all the time i have?
so many movies in my netflix instant queue begging to be watched...
will i be able to fight the temptation??

tried making a new friend at school.
proved to be a drama-riddled situation, providing unneeded anxiety and stress.
stickin' to what, and who, i know, and not worryin' bout nobody else.

and in the words of famous weasel, dishwasher extraordinaire, you know that i know that you know that i know that you got style.

here's my favorite paragraph of a little short i wrote this morning for an exercise for my fiction class-
it's about a girl anxious about a potato sack race during field day after her nemesis asks her if she remembers how she fell the year before.

"Sara did. That memory was what kept her on edge this whole time, her heart beating harder as the gym teacher approached their line with that dreadful whistle in tow. Its sound would cause the mayhem that is this field day event, everyone wildly twisting their bodies like mosquito larvae in standing water, toward the line of cones that signified the end. She had had several flashbacks."
* * *
* * *